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Keeping our technology up to date so we can utilize the most modern security practices. Implementing new ideas to meet the demands of today’s marketplace. On-going training for our guards to maximize their skills, and ensure we deliver on our client's expectations. Allegiant Security's motto is to be Pro-Active and not reactive we are a public-spirited company. Allegiant Security can meet all your security needs, ensuring you get the sense of security you deserve. We continue improvising, implementing, and incorporating new ideas to minimize vandalism, break & enter, and theft of businesses and residential properties.

Static Guard Service

A static guard service is a security service that provides trained guards to patrol and monitor a designated area. Static guards are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the area they are assigned to by conducting regular patrols, monitoring security cameras, checking for signs of unauthorized entry, and responding to any security incidents that may occur.


Mobile Patrol

The mobile patrol team will perform randomized and periodic patrols of your properties, assess the risk and take appropriate action. This may include contacting law enforcement or emergency services and providing first aid or other assistance if necessary. Our mobile patrol services can be tailored to meet the client's and their property's specific needs. This may include additional security measures such as access control, CCTV monitoring, or alarm response services.


On-Premises Home Check

For a comfortable sense of security when you are away. You can protect with a static guard which will do a visual inspection of your home & property. Guard will look for obvious issues including a basic check of electrical, plumbing HVAC, and the overall condition of the property and home.


Alarm Response

Allegiant Security Guards offers an Alarm Response Service, a dedicated on-call service designed to respond promptly to security alarms. Our trained security professionals are equipped to address a range of incidents, including break-ins, fire alarms, and other security threats. Our Security Guards prioritize the safety and protection of your assets by displacing trespassers and calling RCMP if necessary.

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